'DESTEJIENDO EL ARCO IRIS' at Anvalancha, Buenos Aires

Added on by Javier Bosques.

Sunspots, the dark side of the Moon, the light spectrum, the blue of the sea; The exhibition 'Destejiendo el Arco Iris' deals with these and other phenomenons with a series of artworks and experiments, from objects and paintings to video installations and texts. Interwinding  science and poetry, the show evidences the particular fascination for the unknown, that has stimulated both the artistic sensibility and the scientific genius through out the course of history. 

At Avalancha gallery the show will present newly commissioned artwork next to previously presented pieces, 'scientific' instruments and archival material.     

Artists: Fernando Barreto, Javier Bosques, Andres Pereira Paz and Guillermo Rodríguez

Curated by Guillermo Rodríguez


Av. Santa Fé, 2729 local 15, 1425 Buenos Aires, Argentina